A trustworthy company

A Trustworthy Company from now on this expression is also confirmed by the certificate granted by the Customer Opinion Survey Centre.

The title is a reason to be proud. This award is highly respected and appreciated both among entrepreneurs and customers.

The certificate can be obtained only by businesses which are distinguishable by their flawless reputation, business ethics and high quality of provided services and customer approach.

The certification process is based on an innovative method of determining the opinion and trust index using the newest information technologies. The software, which was specially created for this purpose, tests each subject for the presence of words in its network environment that negatively describe the operation of the given enterprise. These can be both, descriptions illustrating its unreliability, as well as other traits which contribute to the negative image of the company and, thus, lower its credibility in the eyes of customers.

Our experience, as well as professionalism, backed by reliable conduct of business activities have had significant influence on the results of the test and allowed us to receive the award.

We are happy that our approach was noticed and appreciated by the external institutions. We guarantee not to change our business activities which led to achieving our current market position.

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