Mister of Construction

On 09/12/2015, the President of ELGRA Engineering was handed an award for obtaining a distinction in the Mister of Construction competition.

The idea behind the competition is to select a building, the architectural form, workmanship, performance and innovative technical solutions of which are predetermining it to be the landmark of Inowroclaw.

In 2013 ELGRA undertook the reconstruction of a building located at 98 Macieja Wierzbinskiego Street in Inowrocław. The result of the work which lasted one and a half year was the modern building arranged for the ABACOSUN Beauty Institute. The thermal isolation methods, window and door frames, as well as ventilation used by ELGRA have contributed to receiving the award in the category of ADAPTATIONS, RENOVATIONS and RECONSTRUCTIONS.

During the renovation works, the building underwent an incredible metamorphosis. During the implementation of the investment, high quality materials and individual architectural solutions were used – they contributed to achieving the defined goal of creating one of the most modern beauty salons in Inowrocław. Bearing in mind the highest standard of living of the Investor, ELGRA has equipped the building in a number of cutting-edge solutions, such as:

Stretch ceilings – the technology of stretch ceilings makes them water vapour and temperature resistant, as well as protects the ceiling against humidity. They are not susceptible to deformation and discolouration which allows them maintain their durability for many years. The waterproof film does not collect dirt, and dust can be easily removed from its surface. The film is the main element of the stretch ceiling and can sustain the weight of 100 litres of water.

Floors are made using the polished concrete method – the floors are alluding to granite, creating a mirror-like smoothness and shine. This method increases the life cycle of the floors and makes them highly resistant to mechanical and chemical damages, and also easy to clean.

Intelligent electrical systems – a control system was installed in the building which allows to adjust to the conditions inside the facility to the individual needs of the residents. Modern electrical systems not only save energy but they also increase the safety and comfort of the building’s users.

Ideal location and interesting architecture are the hallmarks of the building at 98 Macieja Wierzbińskiego street in Inowrocław. A very high standard of finish is what gives the place an exceptionally prestigious look. However, the thoughtful interior arrangement along with using innovative solutions creates an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and even luxury.

  We would like to thank the Competition Board for the award and the title of Mister of Construction 2015.

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