ELGRA – a Family Company

On 23 August 2013, ELGRA joined the foundation of family companies which aims at strengthening the success of family business from generation to generation.

The family business is one of a kind. The foundation brings together family enterprises, integrates them, helps them to solve problems related to business activities and enables to exchange experience between family companies.

The foundation objectives:

  • Integrating and strengthening family companies,
  • Supporting development activities of family companies,
  • Promoting ethical standards in business conduct,
  • Promoting the idea of economic freedom,
  • Building awareness and pride of the Family Business brand,
  • Building an elite business community of family entrepreneurs, who want to create international relationships and gain knowledge from foreign companies.
  • Supporting the next generation, e.g. giving them opportunity of internship in family businesses and exchange experience around the world.
  • Taking care of the safety of families and family businesses by promoting a culture of preventing measures against violence.

Joining the foundation has enabled us to establish new business contacts and strengthen our market position.

Success and sustainability from generation to generation.

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